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Composite Containers – Tight Head & Open

High Quality Composite Drums – Tight head and Open head

AIC Composite Drums are available in five sizes 12, 30, 60, 117 and 217 liters. All are in stock! The Tight Head Composite Drum (sealed top with fittings) feature a rugged packaging design for transporting and storing materials that require the compatibility of HDPE with the strength of steel.

AIC Composite Drum Benefits

  • customer-focused solutions
  • constantly high product quality by state-of-the-art production technologies
  • hygiene management according to HACCP-concept
  • in-house production of the inner receptacles, made of virgin HDPE
  • all packages UN type-tested for liquid substances, partly with additional approval for solidifying products
  • individual outside coating and multicolored silk screen print
  • adherence to agreed delivery dates
  • 12 – 217, 5 liters
  • UN homologation for fluid dangerous goods
  • Compliance with 94/62 EC
  • Coatings also can comply with EC 1895/2005, AP 96 (5) EC, BAG, BGA, FDA, EU 90.128/EEC
  • Fully drainable
  • No problems with material separation

AIC invests in Composite Metal Drum inventory so lead times are cut short and you get product faster and more efficiently than any other distributor.  If you need composite drums ASAP, contact AIC!

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