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Steel Containers

Mūller’s conical drums are ideal for oxygen sensitive products.

  • Excellent Sealing Properties
  • DMF-Registrations / FDA Approved
  • UN Approved
  • Available in mild steel, galvanized and stainless steel
  • For liquid or solid dangerous goods
  • From 15 liters to 216.5 liters


drums for storing and transporting dangerous goods

AIC provides a complete line of conical drums made according to international UN standards. Drums are highly resilient and made to resistant climate changes. Ideally suited for storage and transportation of liquids and hazardous materials in various modes of transport.

Steel drums’ popularity for storing and shipping dangerous goods is because they are stronger than plastic and paper containers. Plus, more UN and DOT regulations require or recommend steel containers for dangerous goods.

Mūller’s conical drums are rigorously tested to meet the highest performance levels of all non-bulk packaging. AIC specializes in providing customize steel drums to meet your unique needs. We have engineers on staff to answer questions and solve application problems.  Fill out the form on this page or call to talk to an AIC engineer.

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