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MultiCan Barrier Containers

MultiCan Plastic Barrier Containers Stops Permeation

Müller MultiCan plastic barrier containers are for oxygen-sensitive, liquid products that need to avoid permeation. Especially designed for flavors and fragrances storage and transportation, these innovative MultiCan plastic barrier containers are ideal for alcohol, paints and coatings, additives, solvents and detergents.

Müller Plastic manufactures 3L to 60 L Jerrycans and drums as well as technical moldings using only high quality polyethylene. Its range of products includes drums with wide necks, tight head and open head drums, plus large containers from 60 L to 1,000 L.

AIC Engineers are Specialists in Plastic Barrier Containers

AIC and Müller engineers are specialists in plastic containers used in handling liquid products without any permeation.  The Müller MultiCan container features a barrier layer, using the co-extrusion process, with an antistatic outer layer that assures highest purity for all oxygen-sensitive liquid products. Müller is BRC/IoP certified and its products are UN approved for the transport of hazardous goods.

Müller products are certified according to:

  • BRC / IoP
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001

Innovative MultiCan with EVOH Barrier Layer Inside

Six-layer multilayer technology makes this container a perfect fit for oxygen-sensitive contents and for liquids tending to permeate, such as for example non-polar hydro- carbon compounds. These plastic containers are especially designed for:

  • flavors and fragrances
  • alcohol
  • paints and coatings,
  • additives and solvents
  • detergents


  • The filing medium only has contact with food certified HDPE
  • The characteristics of your products remains stable
  • The permeation of your liquids will be prevented effectively
  • Produced according to BRC Standard
  • Flexible and inherently stable transport packaging with UN certification

What’s the difference between MultiCan containers and Baritainer jerry cans?

Müller Multican containers are superior to Baritainer jerry cans because they STOP— not just slow down migration. Baritainer jerry cans are made of a Selar® RB resin which slows the migration of the product through the container wall. Müller Multican containers also include the Selar® RB Resin plus an EVOH barrier layer which STOPS (not slows down) migration. This assures highest purity for all oxygen-sensitive liquid products.

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