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MultiCan Barrier Containers

MultiCan® – EVOH Barrier Containers Stop Permeation

For oxygen-sensitive bulk materials, we recommend an EVOH barrier layer for media prone to permeation such as, non-polar hydrocarbon compounds.

Thanks to the six-layer multilayer technology, this container is perfectly fitted for oxygen-sensitive contents and for permeating liquids, such as non-polar hydro-carbon compounds. These plastic containers are especially designed for flavors and fragrances but are also excellent for alcohol, paints and coatings, additives, solvents and detergents.

Müller MultiCan plastic barrier containers advantages include:

• ideal for food packaging
• highly effective barrier against gases
• protection against permeation
• no emission of aromas or smells
• CoEx 6: Co-extrusion up to 6 layers

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