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Stainless Steel Drums

AIC Open-Head Stainless Steel Drums are durable, corrosion resistance and reusable. Stainless steel drums will store distillate without losing potency. Containers can be
heated for easy transfer and filling.

  • FDA and GMP certified
  • UN rated for shipping
  • Long lasting and durable

Open-Headed containers have a bolt-type ring closure and a gasketed lid. Lids are removable to add or extract content.

Müller lidded drums in GMP compliant pharma design are butt welded with no folds or crevices and therefore easy to clean without leaving any residues. Very low tare weight will come as a surprise, yet you can rely on maximum stability.

  • UN homologation for dangerous goods
  • Stable construction when empty or filled
  • Full automatic closure with the Jet-Ring closing system as option
  • Compliance with 94/62 EC
  • Butt-welded or seamed
  • Fully drainable
  • Inkjet item number or other ID on the body
  • Logo or product name on the drum
  • All drums delivered prewashed

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